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My Work

I’m a feminist philosopher whose work lies at the intersection of ethical theory and ethical practice, with a particular focus on ethical issues that impact those often overlooked in traditional ethical investigations, e.g. women, people of color, non-human animals.
My work is guided by two broad philosophical commitments. First, is the belief that ethics should be aimed primarily at enhancing well-being. I am usually considered a consequentialist, although my consequentialism is distinct from familiar forms of consequentialism in a number of ways. The second philosophical commitment that motivates and is expressed in my work is a commitment to justice, although my interest in justice tends to identify unjust distributions of benefits and burdens in areas that have previously been set to the side by others working on questions of justice. So, for example, I am concerned about the ways in which environmental degradation or advances in biotechnologies disproportionately harms poor communities, communities of color, women and children. In addition to the familiar concerns about injustice against certain individuals or communities of people, my work is also concerned with injustice to non-humans.

I direct the Ethics in Society Project at Wesleyan.  I am also the co-editor of Hypatia:  A Journal of Feminist Philosophy.

I’ve published on a range of topics. Go to Research Interests for more details or see my C.V. here.